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Weather in Bohinj

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Weather in Bohinj

Bohinj has a relatively harsh Alpine climate with cold winters and short summers. Precipitation is the highest in autumn, sunny weather is most frequent at the end of winter and in early spring. Snow cover is the thickest in February and March.

Temperature and Rainfall in Slovenia
Temperatures and Rainfall in Slovenia

Temperatures in Bohinj

The warmest month in Bohinj is July, while the coldest months are January (in the valley) and February (in the mountains). In winter, temperatures often drop below -20 °C. Average temperaturein summer is about 9 °C higher than in spring.

Autumn is usualy warmer than spring. At that time of the year there are no more typical summer afternoon storms and temperatures are more pleasant for demanding walks. In October, a distinctive period of warm weather (Indian summer), sometimes occur.

Current Weather Forecast

25. 05. 2022

predominatly cloudy, showers

predominatly cloudy, showers
13 °C - 25 °C

26. 05. 2022

predominatly cloudy

predominatly cloudy
15 °C - 26 °C

27. 05. 2022

predominatly cloudy

predominatly cloudy
12 °C - 28 °C

28. 05. 2022

cloudy, showers

cloudy, showers
15 °C - 18 °C

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