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Wild Flowers

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Wild Flowers

"Oh, how many times I wanted to live my life here as a shepherd, to be able to explore this landscape full of beautiful flowers. How many rare flowers, which I will not be able to see otherwise, could I find there! The mighty mountain range has a number of different climates; therefore many various plants grow there! The part that faces the sea is constantly covered with sun rays. The northern side does not see the sun at all ..." Balthazar Hacquet

Gentiana clusii

The people of the Bohinj area of Slovenia are rightly proud of their long alpine farming heritage and the high quality of their environment. Wild Flowers continue to this day to play an important part in our local culture and while farming methods are changing and young people are becoming less directly involved in managing the land, there is a strong desire to promote and raise awareness of our unique natural and cultural heritage.

Visit Bohinj and admire alpine flowers and the beauty of Slovenian Alps from spring to autumn. Wild Flower Festival


Gallery Wild Flowers of Bohinj

Lily of the Valley 
(Convallaria majalis)Primula
(Primula elungatier)Orchid
(Orchidaceae)Zois' Bellflower
(Campanula zoysii)Silver Crane's Bill
(Geranium argenteum)Edelweiss
(Leontopodiom alpinum)Alpine Vanilla Orchid
(Nigritella relicani)Orchid - Red
(Nigritella rubra)Knapweed 
(Centaurea pannonica)Wooly Thistle
(Crategus sp)Sweet William
(Dianthus barbatus)Sternberg's Pink
(Dianthus sp)Round Leaf Sundew
(Drosera rotundifolia)Cotton Grass
(Eriophorum)Trumpet Gentian
(Gentiana clusii)Triglav Gentian
(Gentiana terglavensis)Bohinj Iris
(Iris cengialti vochinensis)Carniola Lily 
(Lilium carniolicum)Orchid
(Ranunculus sp)Hairy Rhododendron
(Rhododendron hirsutum)Alpine Soldanella
(Soldanella minima)Peat Moos
(Sphagnum sp)Globe Flower
(Trolius europeus)Arnica
(Arnica montana sp)Sternberg's Pink
(Dianthus sternberghii)Sternberg's Pink
(Dianthus sternbergii)Marguerite
(Leucanthemun vulgare)Turk's Cap Lily
(Lilium martagon)Alpine Butterwort
(Pingcula alpina)Drooping Rose
(Rosa pendulina)

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