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Julian Alps

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Julian Alps

The Julian Alps are the southeasternmost section of the great Alpine archipelago. They extend over the northwestern part of Slovenia and cover a surface area of around 4400 km2.

Julian Alps - Slovenia


The Julian Alps are built of Mesozoic marine sediments. Tectonic forces created fractures and folding and carved out magnificent rock faces and peaks.

The Julian Alps take their name from the Julian dynasty who ruled on the southern side of the Alps and were first mentioned in ancient times.

The mountain range is divided into two large sections: the Eastern Julian Alps and the Western Julian Alps. There are approximately 150 mountains over 2000 metres high in the Slovene Julian Alps; 25 of these are over 2500 metres high.

The Sava and the Soča are the two major rivers rising in the Julian Alps.


The varied flora and fauna rightly enjoy considerable fame. Natural riches, plentiful water sources and a favourable climate created conditions for early settlement in this wonderful corner of Europe.

The Julian Alps are one of the world's treasures - a challenge to every climber and a source of pleasure for every traveller.

You can explore the land that time forgot

In the Julian Alps, time stops for a moment or two. The mighty mood of nature settles in the climber's soul at any time of the year, on any path, whether we are alone or in company.

That is why one should go to the Julian Alps in a solemn, dignified manner, without placing a burden on nature. All we should take from the mountains are beautiful views, silence and peace - the basic elements of inner strength, creativity and self-awareness.

May the Julian Alps fill you with their powerful, mysterious forces, be it during holidays with your family or friends, or even alone, or during a one-day excursion or as part of a break during a business trip.

Gentiana clusii

Wild Flowers in Julian Alps

"Oh, how many times I wanted to live my life here as a shepherd, to be able to explore this landscape full of beautiful flowers...

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Wild birds in Julian Alps

Wild Birds in Julian Alps

Triglav National Park in Julian Alps hosts more than 84 different bird species, also some very rare...

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