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Bohinj area offers some true jewels of nature you would not like to miss. High waterfalls, deep gorges, cristal-clear rivers, wild animals, spectacular sceneries, ski resorts and more.

Bohinj Attractions

Experience Bohinj

Swim in the crystal-clear glacial lake Bohinj or see it from the boat. Visit the most famous Slovenian waterfall Savica. Admire the stream of the Mostnica river with its spectacular waterfalls, rapids, and chutes. Explore the Lopata Primeval Forest or the Magic Forest with its thick trees. Climb the mountains and admire a fantastic view of the Bohinj valley and its surroundings.

Gallery of Attractions in Bohinj

Savica WaterfallBistrica Spring & WaterfallDevil's BridgeNatural BridgeMostnica RiverRibnica RiverMostnica CanyonWaterfall in VojeMountain zajamnikiMt. Triglav (2864 m), the highest Slovenian mountainVogel ski resortCable car to Vogel with fantastic viewBronze Capricorn at the Bohinj lakeTraditional farm workA trip with the boat around the lake BohinjTake a ride with a museum train

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