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Slovenian Wines

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Slovenian Wines

A restaurant in our hotel offers a broad selection of top-quality Slovenian wines. You can taste wines from all three wine regions in Slovenia: Podravje, Posavje and the Slovene Littoral.

Slovenian Wines

Slovenian wine growing

Slovenia lies on the southern slopes of the Alps and touches the Mediterranean. It has an ideal climate zone: between 45 ° 30'N and 47 °N, with the Adriatic Sea as a part of its western border.

The picturesque hills of Slovenia have long been covered with vineyards. According to old records, vines had already been cultivated in this area by the Celts. The winegrowing tradition was then continued by the Romans, medieval monks and landlords.

Slovenia is a country with huge potential for wine-making. Wine experts agree that the fruits of Slovenian winelands are amongst the finest in the world - an excellent wine country!

The World of Wine in Hotel Stare

We can take you on to a Wine journey - a small procession through some of the loveliest wine growing regions by testing selected wines from our cellars.

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