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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files on your computer used to store information about how many times you visited our website and what you were interested in during these visits. Cookies contain no personal information that could be used to identify you.

How are they used?

Cookies help us provide a better user experience on our website.

For example, cookies may record your preferences and settings, entries into online forms and information for registered users.

The basic functions of e-business would be impossible without cookies. To be specific, online stores use cookies to record products in the shopping basket, favourite products, other information about purchases, etc.

Cookies allow us to record website statistics, which in turn helps us discover and correct any errors and offer better content or a more suitable service on your subsequent visits to our website.

By means of cookies, any advertising partners you may have can provide relevant advertisements to you.

Some cookies are vital for the very operation of the website while others can only be stored with your agreement.

Cookies, used on this website

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies enable normal operation of the site.

Cookie name Purpose Duration Origin
PHPSESSID session identification until closing the browser Hotel & Villa Stare

Analytics cookies

These cookies help us measure the number of visitors on our website. They are not necessary for the performance of the website, but they greatly facilitate decision-making to provide you a better user experience. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous.

Cookie name Purpose Duration Origin
_utma website analytics 2 years Google Analytics
_utmb website analytics 30 minutes Google Analytics
_utmc website analytics until closing the browser Google Analytics
_utmz website analytics 6 months Google Analytics

Disable Analytics cookies

Managing cookies in a web browser

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically. Duration of cookies may be short or long-term. When they expire, the browser automatically deletes them. User can manually delete all cookies for a specific website (domain) or disable the use of cookies. Instructions on how to delete cookies, or disable their use can be found within the help section of your web browser. In case you fully disable the use of cookies, some website functionality may not work properly.

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