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Walking & Hiking

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Walking & Hiking

Bohinj is a first-class starting point for walking and hiking. Countless marked hiking trails through the National park Triglav and supplied mountain huts. Enjoy Walking and Hiking Holidays in Julian Alps.

Hiking Slovenia

Hiking on your own or with a guide

Hotel Stare is a starting point for tours to the loveliest parts of the Julian Alps. Only to mention the famous Savica Waterfall, the romantic Seven Lakes of Triglav and Mount Triglav itself, or the high-Iying mountain pastures.

Bohinj is surrounded by high mountains from three sides. Most of them are easily accessible with proper hiking equipment. To climb the highest mountains, such as Triglav (2864 m), appropriate hiking experiences are recommended. Lower and picturesque mountains are accessible to anyone with some good will.

See map of National park Triglav

Delight in walks around the lake, through the valleys and canyons of the park and enjoy the tranquillity, beauty and harmony of nature - this is the secret world of your dreams!

First-grade maps, marked trails and guide books enable most hikers to take a trip by themselves. If you desire greater safety, want to learn more or visit wonderful spots off the beaten track, we can help you with our guides.

Hotel Stare rent Equipment: Poles, Glasses, Rucksack...

For guests going out for the day, we can fill your flasks and prepare package lunch.

Some suggested routs

Climb Triglav (2864 m) 5/5 15 - 17 Hours
Waterfal Savica 1/5 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Around Lake Bohinj 1/5 3 Hours
Vogel 3/5 6 Hours 
Mountain Pastures 3/5 7 - 9 Hours
Voje Valley 2/5 3 Hours
Lipanca and Debela pec 4/5 7 Hours

Gallery Hiking in Julian Alps

Hiking SloveniaHiking SloveniaHiking SloveniaHiking SloveniaHiking SloveniaHiking SloveniaHiking SloveniaHiking SloveniaHiking Slovenia, Foto F. SteinmannHiking Slovenia, Foto F. SteinmannHiking Slovenia, Foto F. SteinmannHiking Slovenia, Foto F. Steinmann


Alpine SPA Chalet
Alpine SPA Chalet

Villa Stare
Luxury Villa at Lake Bohinj 

Slovenia - Green&Safe

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Hiking and Biking Hotel Slovenia





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