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Fishing & Fly fishing

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Fishing & Fly fishing

Julian Alps and its 200 km of crystal-clear water is a true heaven for fishermen. Exceptionally rich Slovenian rivers offers superb grayling, brown trout, marble trout or rainbow trout fishing on Sava Bohinjka, Soca, Radovna and many more.

Fishing & Fly Fishing

Slovenian Rivers - Fishermen's dream

Triglav national park and Julian Alps are the perfect natural habitat for wildlife, with copious varieties of butterflies and birds, and a profusion of wild flowers. All this helps with the prolific insect hatches that create some of the most spectacular fishing in Europe.

Slovenia’s fauna and flora have to be seen to be believed!

Hotel Stare is an excellent starting point for Fly fishing on all rivers in the Julian Alps, located at the Bohinj lake and Sava Bohinka, not far from Soca river.

Tradition of Fly fishing in Hotel Stare is since 1985. Hotel visitors are fishermen from around the world (Marc Petitjean, Oskar Thiem, Roger Wuest ...).

The Stare Hotel offer:

  • fishing permits
  • fishing equipment
  • guiding
  • flies
  • attractive offers for fishermen
  • information about rivers, water status and everything you need for great Fly fishing


On rivers, fishing methods vary with the season, the type of water, and the angler's personal preference. Dry fly, nymph or streamer are all popular techniques, although they depend on water condition. As regard to the rods, five- to nine-weight rods that are 8 1/2- or 9-feet long are commonly used.

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In early spring and spring we fish Sava Bohinjka because the level is regulated by Lake Bohinj and is very constant and water clear. Also tributaries are beautiful and provide very good fishing.

In Summer (July and August) fishing is excellent. The temperature can be high on some rivers, but we know all the secret creeks and tributaries where there is more cover, it is cooler, and the fishing sensational.

Autumn (September, October and November) is the time when all the Salmonid family starts to feed more intensively, preparing for long winter when there will be few, if any, insects hatching.

Winter time is the special season reserved for Danube salmon. You can spin or use your fly rod, whichever technique suits you best.


Local guide Rok Lustrik will help you discover the secret jewel known as Slovenian fly fishing. There is just no way to avoid catching fish if you are guided by Rok.

All anglers can find water that suits their fly-fishing abilities and inclinations. If you are new to fly-fishing, you can enjoy learning and improving your fishing abilities, if you are an expert, you can test your stalking and rivercraft skills on the challenging rivers.


Sava Bohinjka

Sava Bohinjka

The river Sava is the longest alpine river in Slovenia. The upper part is world-famous for its grayling as well as for large rainbows and good-sized browns.

More about river Sava Bohinjka

Bohinj Lake

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is our largest alpine lake of glacier origin. It lies in the Triglav National Park with surface area of 3,18 km2 and maximum depth of 44m.

More about Lake Bohinj



The Soca river is the most famous alpine river in Slovenia, and rightly so, with its very different tributaries. Set in breathtaking scenery overlooking the Julian Alps, it is home to the most fascinating and exlusive fish species in the world - the marble trout.

More about Lake Bohinj



Without doubt, the river Idrijca is one of the most challenging of our rivers to fish. A mixture between freestone and chalk stream provides the complex environment for wide ranging and unique aquatic life.

More about river Idrijca

Baca river


Baca river - fisher's dream Fly fishing water. In Baca you can find a lot of Graylings and Rainbow trouts. It is  20 kilometers long and impresses with its diversity.

More about river Baca 



The Lepena river is one of the highest alpine streams. Perfect clarity. Caddis line the boulders and if you are here at the right time you may see the giant stonefly that inhabits these upper reaches.

More about river Lepana



The river Radovna is a tributary to the Sava Dolinjka near lake Bled. Abundant caddis life feeds the many small wild browns, which are the main species here. Wild brook trout and rainbows can also be found.

More about river Radovna



Unec is Slovenias most celebrated chalk stream, and like all Slovenian chalk streams, entirely natural. Very rich in insect life, with prolific hatches of sedges in the evenings. The Unec is famous also for its huge grayling, as well as very good size native browns.

More about river Unec



The Kokra river is an Alpine freestone tributary, which joins the river Sava near Kranj. This provides near-perfect fishing for wild browns and rainbows, as well as good-sized graylings.

More about river Kokra 

Tight lines!

Gallery Fly Fishing in Julian Alps

Sava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka, F. Rok LustrikSava Bohinjka trout, 
Foto F. SteinmannSava Bohinjka trout, Foto F. SteinmannSava Bohinjka trout, Foto F. SteinmannSava Bohinjka trout, Foto F. SteinmannMarbleTrout /Salmo marmoratus; Soca, Foto F. SteinmannMarbleTrout /Salmo marmoratus; Soca, Foto F. SteinmannSava Bohinjka trout, Foto F. SteinmannBrown trout; Radovna, Foto F. SteinmannGrayling; Radovna River,  Foto F. SteinmannRadovna, Foto F. SteinmannTolminka, Foto F. SteinmannLake Trout; Lake Bohinj,  Foto Dmytro Meged


Alpine SPA Chalet
Alpine SPA Chalet

Villa Stare
Luxury Villa at Lake Bohinj 

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